nurtane karagil

nurtane karagil

16 Mart 2017 Perşembe


BANK OF NO - Leipzig


Bank of No: 
Event Program: February 1, 2016

7:30 PM, at Leventis Gallery:
Lecture and discussion about new artistic practices related to politics and activism from the streets to art galleries.

10:00 PM, at Point Centre for Contemporary Art
Dance Party featuring an elixir from sounds of Goa, Santiago and Berlin and improvised spoken word in a visual installation.

Deep within the cold night of Cypriot Austerity stands a bank.

In front of this former headquarters of the financial crisis, now without visible brand or logo, a strange sculpture emerges from the ground. This is the debt spiral: its sharp point pierces the air. The 2013 crisis in Cyprus represents only one point of a new politics of inequality, which can be seen across the globe.

Bank of No is a rebranding initiative for the banking crisis. We, a working group of artists from several countries, connect our political conditions to Cyprus, and propose a panoramic view. Against capitalistic envy we introduce the evil eye for protection and solidarity. Bank of No ends when the eye closes and we dance…

Project by : Noah Fischer , Raúl HottJoulia Strauss , Csaba Nemes ,Nurtane Karagil , twenty three


‘Critique and the Cypriot Summer / Kral çıplak / Ήνταμπου κάμνουμεν δαμέ;‘



1 Mayıs 2016 Pazar

diziness, nausea or vomiting / baş dönmesi, mide bulantısı ya da kusma

diziness, nausea or vomiting / baş dönmesi, mide bulantısı ya da kusma


Çocukluktan itibaren izlediğimiz, 
Yılan gibi kıvrılan bir sınırın saçmalığına,
Basit bir el dokunuşuyla hareket kazandırmak mümkün müdür ? 
Ve bu "dönen hayat" içinde,
Hatlar arası eylem ve eylemsizliği,
Oyuncağın içindeki çocuksu anlatım ifade edebilir mi ?
Bu merakla, geçmiş sınır deneyimlerimizi birleştirdiğimizde, bir ara delik bulup öteki tarafı gözetlediğimiz anlara geri dönebiliriz.
İçimizde taşıdığımız, şikayet ve rahatsızlıklara atıfta bulunarak bize sunulan oyunu değil de kendimizinkini yaratabiliriz.
Karşılaştığımız "sonradan icat edilenler"in anlamlarını yitirip dönüşüm sürecine hız verebiliriz.

Is it possible, 

To create motion with a simple touch of  hand
At this nonsense of a border that slides like a snake,
Which we've been watching ever since the childhood?
And could the child-like expression in a toy express,
the lines between 
Action and inaction
In the 'life-spinning'?
When we combine this curiosity with our past border experiences, we can turn back to those moments which we observed the other side through a peep hole.
We can create a new game on our own by ascribing to the complaints and discomforts that we carry within instead of the proposed one.
We can speed up the transformation and the loss of meaning of all those "invented sequels."